As someone who has congenital prosopagnosia, or face blindness, I have a considerable interest in the face. My difficulty in facial recognition has shaped who I am as a person through the social difficulties I have had to deal with, and significantly informs my art practice. This series of images are composites of images found through Google images searches using the option to only return images of faces. The search term for each image is the title of each piece, and each image is a composite of between 100 and 500 images that are aligned on the eyes. As the number of images used increases, the face becomes an average; an “every person”…a John or Jane Doe. The tones go from being saturated to pastels. Some are clearly male or female while some are androgynous. 

Some studies have shown that averageness is what we as a society find beautiful about faces we are attracted to. However, people with face blindness avoid people with average faces and gravitate towards features that are outlying from the norm, if only because these are faces we can recognize. Like these images, averageness tends to resemble a blur.