This series was made using the Van Dyke process on Stonehenge Paper.  The images were shot with a 4x5 film camera.  The negatives were scanned, enlarged digitally, and reprinted on transparency paper.  The final prints were made on fine art watercolor paper using a conract printing frame under the sun.  I call this series "Domesticated" because it is a term used for both pets and house wives.

Animal Attraction

This series uses the same process as the series above, except they are printed as toned cyanotypes.  I enjoy the surrealness of the seductive poses juxtaposed with the creepiness of the masks. 

Natural Habitat

This series is was shoot using an old Polaroid Land Camera.  After pulling the film from the camera, instead of letting it develop, I pull it apart and transfer the image onto a fine art water color paper.  The imperfections are part of the aesthetic.  I appreciate not knowing or having little control how each image turns out.